Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't they Know it's Fall?

October is my favorite month and fall my favorite season. No, it's not because my birthday's on the 23rd, but it's more about the cool crisp air and earthy atmosphere. Something about the smell of dried leaves and pumpkin picking just soothes my overworked soul.

So why is it that today, in Northern New Jersey where the leaves are just starting to change for the season, there was nothing but snow and slush falling from the sky! Now I don't live in the mountains -- like my sister who rents a condo at a ski resort about a half hour north from my house. I would expect this kind of weather by her or even up the mountain from my house (I live in the foothills). But throughout Bergen county, which is in sight distance of NYC? All day? Come on!

When I got home, there were even some cars that had accumulation on them! It was only a few days ago that the temperature got low enough to need a jacket. It's too soon for snow!


  1. Yes, it's always fun shocking the people down at RBVH who don't know where I live with my tales from The North. "Snow?!... you live WHERE?"

  2. I actually hate Fall. What comes after Fall is Winter, the coldest season of all. As one could see, I am not particularly a fan of the cold; however, due to the effects of "global warming," these past few days fluctuated between warm and cold. Not that I'm complaining or anything.