Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shadowlight by Lynn Viehl

Earlier this year, Lynn Viehl released the latest (and sadly the last) volume in her wildly original Darkyn series, Stay the Night. True to Viehl’s creative style, she planted the seeds of a spin-off series by the end of this book and gave a sample chapter from the inaugural story of her new Kyndred series, Shadowlight – just to pique the senses. 

The idea of a spin-off book series intrigued me, especially since I couldn’t help but feel I was left hanging a little after reading Stay the Night. Her new take on the vampire mythos through the Darkyn series (check out my Stay the Night review for a recap ) was awesome and wonderfully complex.

In fact, the whole series showcases Viehl’s skill with the pen and story structure, which in turn set my expectations high for Shadowlight and prompted me to contact Viehl directly for a galley to read. She graciously acquiesced and off I went to discover this new, yet familiar world she created.