Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Simon's Cat!

I admit it. Like most pet owners, I get a kick out of media that show the true natures of our furry companions. One of my favorites is Simon's Cat. For anyone who has at least one little furball running around their apartment/house, you'll know from the first few seconds how oh so apropos these shorts are.

You can watch the newest one here, but I would also recommend checking out the Simon's Cat channel on YouTube to see all of the shorts. They do not disappoint!


  1. So I don't have any pets of my own because I'm terrified of animals, but I still found this video very enjoyable. Thank you for posting it. It was definately a nice little break from work. But for now, back to work!

  2. Loving the classic style of illustration on this short. It enticed me to learn more about the artist, and after visiting, I'm intrigued by his unique style. While the cartoon appears to be freehand ink sketches, Simon actually uses a wacom tablet and design programs to get a digital representation of that simplistic look.

    Basically, an awesome mix of classic comic illustration done through the medium of today. Awesome!